Phonics & Early Reading

Phonics is taught daily at Mayfield School from EYFS to KS3. The systematic synthetic phonics scheme will follow is BugClub to ensure there is a sequential approach to the sounds that pupils are learning to support their ability to read accurately and fluently.

Pupils are regularly assessed in their phonic abilities during a half term so that we are able to monitor progress and identify any gaps or misconceptions in learning.

Additional interventions are put into place for any pupils beyond KS3 that require further support with phonics.

Pupils can also have access to their BugClub account at home, and will have books and activities assigned for them to complete to support their ability to generalise their phonics skills. There is also a home reading page on the website, on which staff are modelling how to read a phonics book. Parents/carers and pupils can listen to a phonics book from their relevant phase to support their ability to deliver this at home.