Mayfield School Policy for COVID recovery and COVID Catch-up 

Please see COVID catch up spend and review of impact below.  

Mayfield School received £43,790 as part of the COVID recovery.  

This money has been used to develop assessment and curriculum. As part of the developmental of the new Get Real curriculum there was a need to resource and develop anassessment programme to allow us to accurately track progress that our students make. The school have brought IPads and have been working with Evidence for Learning. 

  • Evidence for Learning supports an Inquiry-based approach to education and provision, that allows a child, young person or adult’s learning and development to quickly and easily gather photo and video evidence, linked to the individual’s learning goals as well as any key skills frameworks. 
  • It allows the schools to save time and workload and crucially to be better informed during planning, moderation and ongoing professional development. This frees up Teacher time to ensure teachers are in classes and spending time with our students. 
  • Evidence for Learning gives you a platform and the tools to develop and demonstrate connected practice which links curriculum, pedagogy and assessment. 

Impact of COVID Catch up  

Teachers now all have access to Evidence for Learning and have participated in a training. All students are due to be baselined when the Get Real finalised curriculum is inputted to ensure this assessment programme is completely individualised to Mayfield and allows for effective assessment and collection of data.