Give Enough Time for REAL Life Learning’

Applied learning that leads to achieving ambitious outcomes for all

Every day at Mayfield School as educators and learners we come together;

Our curriculum intent is clear:

‘To meet the individual needs of every pupil’

We have a clear vision and aims for all our pupils:

1. To install the key skills and core values all pupils need in order to prepare them for adulthood. The main core values we want our pupils to develop are: independence, resilience, positive co-operation, problem solving and respect and to demonstrate the academy values; pride, ambition, communication and teamwork.

2. To develop all pupils communication skills.

3. That all pupils keep themselves safe and healthy both physically and mentally to support their long term well-being.

4. That all pupils have access to a full curriculum to secure future learning and employment, developing English and maths skills and prepare them for life in modern Britain.

5. To support and nurture all pupils resilience and problem solving skills.

6. To enable all pupils to develop their knowledge and skills; values and experiences with links to the local and wider community and how this relates to them as global citizens and nurtures their cultural capital so they may succeed in life.

7. To give young people opportunities and experiences they would not otherwise get unless we give them that knowledge and experience.

8. All pupils are ready for the next stage of adulthood, education, employment or training.