Mayfield School Policy for Sport Premium  

Access to sport and physical activity can be very challenging for our students and families.  There is a lot of evidence about the importance of exercise for students with autism in terms of lowering stress levels and hence improving learning.  We are aiming to improve fitness levels, increase participation rates and also help to develop hobbies and activities that can be developed outside of the home and involve other family members.  

It is not as simple as saying that one intervention will always directly link to one outcome and in order to improve things many different interventions come together.  The funding is proving to be invaluable and having a positive impact on our students in a number of ways. 

For the financial Year 2020-21 the school received £17,080.  

We have created a relationship with the Aston Villa Foundation who provide weekly session to increase engagement of all pupils in regular physical activity and raise the profile of PE across the school. This has also increased the profile of PE across the school and increase confidence and knowledge of our staff delivering PE.   

A proportion of this money, £10,000 has been used to develop and resource our physical development strand and this has allowed a large number of resources to be brought and utilised in school. This has been differentiated for all our learners and covers sensory items to sports equipment for team sports.  

£7,080 has been used to develop playground spaces. Replacing flooring with soft pore and purchasing climbing equipment to meet the play and sensory needs of our children in these spaces.  

Impact of Sport Premium  

 The quality of our PE provision has improved as has our provision for physical activity at social times. Staff are more confident in using a range of strategies.  There is more engagement in activities.  Please see below for a detailed breakdown of spending and impact.