Wheeler Street Site

Mayfield Wheeler Street (HML – Holte, Mayfield, Lozells)

Wheeler Street (sometimes referred to as HML) is a provision for 160 pupils with a diagnosis of moderate (MLD), severe (SLD) or profound and multiple learning difficulties (PMLD) from KS2 to KS5 (6 to 19yrs). All pupils that attend Mayfield have an Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP), and are referred via the Special Educational Needs Assessment and Review Service (SENAR) for a place.

Many of our pupils have co-existing conditions such as Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Tourette’s Syndrome, attachment disorders and/or other social, emotional and mental health needs.

Our site is co-located with Holte Secondary School and Lozells Junior and Infant School and Nursery. Mayfield has allocated areas on this site (three clusters), where the environment has been developed according to the individual needs of our cohort.

  • We have our H cluster, which is our base for our sixth form pupils, including our flat, sixth form common room, quiet space and our life skills kitchen.
  • We have our C cluster which is our base for our KS2, KS3 and KS4 pupils, with SLD, MLD and PMLB.
  • We have our J cluster, which is our base for our PMLD pupils, which is where the special school nursing team and physiotherapy team are based has a rebound area and hydrotherapy pool.

Our class sizes are small, with a high staff to pupil ratio ensuring every child receives the support they deserve. Pupils are taught in a class with a teacher and teaching assistants. We have a teacher and 2 teaching assistants in each class, with some classes having 4 teaching assistants according to the needs of the pupils.

Our offer includes our ‘Get Real Curriculum’. The curriculum at Mayfield School is focused on ‘Giving enough time for real life learning’ so that all pupils have access to an ambitious and personalised curriculum which provides the key skills, knowledge and understanding to facilitate future learning in a challenging, safe and stimulating environment. 

At Wheeler Street, the curriculum is planned and implemented to meet the needs of our cohort, ensuring we are providing opportunities to revisit, consolidate and challenge prior knowledge.

Our staff work closely with our pupils and their families, as well as other professionals to put together personalised support plans to meet their needs. We use Class Dojo to share information with parents and carers and maintain regular home/school communication. This is where parents and carers, many of whom do not live nearby, can see photos of their child engaged in learning and find out more about what they are learning about in school.

Some pupils have additional difficulties including sensory impairment, learning difficulties, communication difficulties or complex medical conditions. We have purpose built facilities and highly trained, enthusiastic and committed staff. This combination enables us to provide the specialised individual programmes required by our pupils. We have a school nursing team and physiotherapists based on site, who work with our young people daily.

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