Mayfield School Policy for Pupil Premium  

All of our students at Mayfield face a degree of disadvantage due to their learning difficulties and disabilities. Research from the Social Metrics Commission (2022) shows that nearly half of all people locked in poverty in the UK are disabled themselves or live with someone who is.  

We currently have 66% of our school population that are eligible for Free School Meals and Pupil Premium funding and we have received £ 169,673.00 for Pupil Premium for the year 2022-2023    

We use this funding to raise the educational attainment of our disadvantaged pupils of all abilities to help them reach their potential and it is spent in line with the schools and trusts ethos: 

Engage, Improve, Apply, Together.  

Our students highly benefit from this funding and it is invaluable, having a positive impact on our students in a number of ways. 

The money this year has been spent on a range of interventions including:  

Resourcing and developing the strands of the Get Real curriculum   

Curriculum strand leads are allocated finances to further resource their strand and review this regularly with the wider SLT team. This allows for engaging and effective delivery of our curriculum.   

Developing our culture and climate for learning.   

Team Teach training was completed last year and we now have a number of trainers across the trust allowing us to support our pupils in a bespoke manner.   

This year funds will be used to further develop our partnership with parents and support our families. Team Teach principal trainers will be offering parent groups focusing on proactive strategies to build relationships and strategies across home and school. We will also be running a range of parental engagement groups with outside agencies.  

SLUETH, Evidence for Learning and WeDUC  

We will continue to fund a number of electronic programmes to support learning, engagement and climate across the school.   

This will include SLUETH, a behavioural recording programme that helps us identify trends in both positive and negative behaviour and will also include WeDuc. This is a tool to increase engagement and effective communication with families and carers.    

We have provided all teachers with an electronic device to use Evidence 4 Learning, which is our new data and assessment tool in school. This will work alongside our curriculum and provide us with a way to capture real life learning and ensure our young people experience a high quality of education. 

IT resources and Equipment   

A number of both hardware and software products have been brought to support the delivery of computing in the school. 

Speech and Language Therapy   

We are working with outside professionals to source a speech and language therapist to work alongside our Occupational therapist to provide our children with detailed total communication support.   

Pastoral Support   

We employ a Pastoral team, 5 days a week, to further develop links between home and school to enhance the learning of the students alongside providing a huge range of wider support. We will be using a Malachi worker to provide 1 day of family support working within the home of identified families.    

For a detailed breakdown of spending please see the review document below.   

For a detailed breakdown of spending please see the review document below.